2014 – National High School 4th Place

Dan Midgette , New York.

Truth or Beauty – which has a great impact on society?

“Truth will ultimately prevail where there is pains taken to bring it to light.”
-George Washington

Truth is genuine, actual, proven, and real. It is verified, reliable and accurate. Beauty is a characteristic describing a person, place, animal, object or idea that provides a perpetual experience of pleasure or gratification. Truth is stronger because it is supported by evidence. Beauty, on the other hand is simply an observation.

Our history is based upon the knowledge of the truth. Utilizing truth creates a better understanding of our world and universe. If we are confident that things are true, then we can make accurate predictions about the future. For instance, we can prepare for natural disasters and correct human error. If we do not know the truth, we cannot make conscious decisions concerning our lives. For instance, if we are not told the truth about sudden outbreaks of epidemic ccs, the causes and ways to prevent them, our entire society could be at risk of collapse. With the absence of truth, we are vulnerable and can be persuaded to follow or act in a way that could endanger our civilization. The holocaust is an excellent example. Adolf Hitler persuaded people to believe that he could create a perfect race of people by removing all the “imperfections.” Instead, he murdered countless innocent human beings and created a massive war by deceit. Slavery and segregation of the African Americans is another example of how society can be persuaded into believing in the untruth. So many were beaten, killed, stripped of their identities and dignity all because society was influenced by deception.

Because beauty is subjective, it is said that “Beauty is seen through the eyes of the beholder” or “Beauty is only skin deep.” If beauty is only on the outside, it is ignorant to admire how something appears without learning about what is on the inside and to be able to trust. Education is based on this principal as well. The uneducated individual perceives the world differently than a person standing on the stilts of knowledge. One might see the world as a dark place where the light shines only on the fortunate. They lack hope for the future because of their absence of knowledge and truth about life. The other is able to see the world as a glistening paradise full of opportunity. One must learn the truth before they can accept the beauty behind it. The great philosopher Aristotle based his principles on hard evidence. Everything he learned and believed was a truth. He had no beliefs based on phenomena that he could not prove to be true through experience. Beauty can be appreciated more by people who know the truth. Mount Everest may be just the tallest mountain to some but the educated viewer sees it as the result of two convergent tectonic plates. One cannot understand beauty until the truth is revealed.

Truth has had a greater impact on society. By knowing what is evident, we have evolved and thrived over time. Truth has supported the quality of life for humanity. While there are many naturally beautiful people, places, things, and ideas, beauty is still simply a characteristic..

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