2014 – 4th Grade National 3rd Place Winner

Megan Ward, New York.

In my opinion, I think truth has a greater impact on society. Since people gain respect when you tell the truth, it gives you positive attention. More people can believe in you to work hard and come clean if you were ever to lie. If you don’t tell the truth, you can get in big trouble. If you lie and no one finds out, first you are relieved. Later on, you feel extremely guilty about it. Also, in the end at least ONE person finds out.

Sometimes telling the truth is difficult because it is bad news and people can get angry with you. Truth can settle arguments, and people with lots of beauty can make arguments worse. Friends around you will support you and let you speak up for other people if you are truthful. They won’t hold you back and say, “Just let the fight happen, you can’t do anything about it.” They will know you have the confidence and ability to stop the argument. With other people seeing what you are doing, they could want to be your friend so you have even MORE friends! You will inspire them to take after you and stop fights around the globe! If you and your friends keep speaking up, people will learn to solve their differences in a non-violent way. More and more people will believe that fighting isn’t the answer. You will be not a follower, but a strong, confident leader that helps everyone. Even if people look different, you will always have positive energy for all to see. It will improve relationships with friends at home, colleagues in the workplace, and classmates at school.

Telling the truth improves your life and gives you more opportunities. So the next time you see the most popular person in your grade, and they are always bragging about themselves, and they bully you, stand up for yourself and speak your mind. This is why I think truth has a stronger impact on society. Don’t you?


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