2015 – 6th Grade National 2nd Place Winner

Dov C., Illinois.

Violence vs. Compassion Poem

The smell of violence blooms
As the tension flows through
The two men arguing and punching
Like an open wound

Nothing can stop it
Not even compassion, I must say
For when anger roams throughout the towns
It puts an end to glorious days

Violence led to many dead
And many scarred for life
And all compassion cannot compare
For violence is a knife

A knife that gives bullies a sharp weapon
One that hits the heart
And this has caused many that I have known
To fall and break apart

Compassion cannot stop this
Sadly this is true
For violence will strike us deeper than
Compassion will ever do

The knife can be more deadly
It can make us fight our brothers
The ones that we once loved
Will start to hate each other

Compassion is temporary
A feeling that goes away
But violence will continue to haunt us
It will be here to stay

Soldiers in battle
Memories etched in their brain
Ones that changed them, make them vulnerable
Those memories will never fade

Many have been affected
By compassion alone
But many more have changed from violence
That chills them to the bone

When compassion is here
It doesn’t stay on the shelf
It only comes and goes
And doesn’t leave apart of itself

But when violence is here, it takes its time
It makes sure that out personality is cracked
And when it finally weeds itself out
Our true self may never come back



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