2015 – 7th Grade National 2nd Place Winner

Gabrielle Joan P. Marcojos, Colorado.

Compassion in Violence

“Click!” She walks into her dark, gloomy room and flicks on the light. The light overcomes the darkness. In comparison to our world’s bigger situations, the acts of compassion conquer violence. Violence is intolerable when the hearts of sympathy emerge. In this world, everyone faces brutal parts of life, whether they choose to or not. However, even in the darkest moments, light, hope, and compassion will find their way though.

A couple of years ago, the news displayed a heartwarming event. During the Cairo protests, a group of Christians joined hands and faced out surrounding hundreds of Muslim protesters left defenseless as they knelt in prayer. Unity emerged in chaos. Notice that this happened a month after the Alexandria bombing where many Christians died in vain. Muslim extremists were blamed for this. Yet, the Christians stood by each other. As the Bible states, “You have heard that it was said, ‘Love your neighbor and hate the enemy.’ But I tell you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you.”

In these times, hope of serenity kindles warmth in our hearts. It is inspiring to see a diversity of people join hands to protect another religion, especially during a time of solidarity. This proves that color, race, and beliefs do not matter- it’s the person that counts. This is what unites us, and not divides us. It was a peaceful revolution were the power of unity was displayed by the actions of the Europeans, inspiring other nations to do the same thing in times of need.

Inevitably, violence controls society. Nevertheless, hope still remains in it. People just tend to forget about it. In media, reporters rant about shootings and murders and kidnappings and robberies. But does the world ever look deeper into these types of situations? They see the guns and knives. But how about the helping hands and the wholesome hearts? Cameras catch the threatening scenes where sufferings occur. But that is only what the eyes see. Hidden behind those screens are souls of sincerity, rescuers who carry hope in their pockets. The recovery and comfort victims receive do not just happen. It happens from the undying spirits of merciful heroes in our world. This is what our generation must realize. Weapons should not always be the main attraction. And instead, kindness must take over.

So even during the most distraught times, a spark of compassion will always make its way through. Mankind can get too engaged around violence that they might start to forget about the pieces of goodness left. With all the increasing negative impacts of violence, it might be hard to consider compassion. However, anyone can fine solace in faith and kindness. We can even preform the most simplest acts like giving away a parking spot, or giving leftover food to the homeless. The world will then develop into a sanctuary of love, kindness, and integrity.


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