2015 – 8th Grade National 3rd Place Winner

Jessica Brito, Florida.

La Valse Des Monstres
(The Waltz of Monsters)

Who are the
men who
consume childrens childhood
like cheap wine,
who hide behind pressed collars,
who wear his uniform as
a sign of pride,
and fill young lives
with piercing lies?
Their violence speaks more volumes than
any kind words could
There are men, the Nazis
who do not know what they
are in for, they are mere puppets in his
grand show they
mindlessly, hopelessly follow their dictator
He has them in the palm of his hand
Twirling, in the middle of a violent storm
the waltz of monsters
They sheds tears of sorrow,
shocked to learn that
in the end,
indeed they were deceived
His promises of prospect and power
are never to be fulfilled
If you forgive
the man who pulled
levers in Auschwitz,
to release the gas
that made Jews die
by the millions,
if you give a second, third
chance to the arrogant man
who slayed the children of Norway
then you agree
Violence is the answer
and no amount of compassion can bring back
the millions of innocent people
eliminated by Hitler,
exterminated by the Klu Klux Klan
and thwarted on the Trail Of Tears



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