2016 – 1st Grade National 3rd Place Winner

Matthew Herring, California.

I think imagination is better and stronger than knowledge and it changes people and society. A person can imagination that he wants to be or do something and they can do it. You can imagine that you are a president or a doctor or a superhero, and then you can work hard to be it, but you have to see it in your mid first and that’s imagination. I likes superheroes like Ironman and Captain America and Stan Lee had to imagine them before we can see them in the books and movies.

Sometimes imagination can be bad. If someone has a bad dream, that’s imagination too. If someone thinks something is scary, they might not try something new, that’s imagination too. It can keep someone from trying something that might be good for them.

I think it is important to work hard and read so that your imagination can grow and tell you go things about yourself.



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