2016 – 5th Grade National 2nd Place Winner

Yao Xiao, Tennessee.

Without imagination knowledge is useless. It is like a wire or cable that has no spark or like being able to read a blueprint but not having one. I feel that imagination is the root of the tree and knowledge is the trunk. Knowledge grows upon imagination. If we ran out of imagination, what would knowledge help us with? There would be nothing to build, create, or color. Imagination can bring inspiration and knowledge can bring to life because you cannot imagine the inspiration without imagination. Imagination amalgamated with knowledge makes us who we are as well as the world and what it is. No soul can live without either as well as the earth. Sure in life you need to be smart, but where do all the ideas come from? They all come from imagination. Who could imagine their future without imagination? Through knowledge can help us plan ahead and stay one step ahead, without imagination we can’t see our future. With imagination we can hope, dream, think, create, start, and make happiness. With knowledge you can put together things, finish, interpret, follow, and make life a more meaningful place. I feel imagination is the beginning, and knowledge is the end, but without a beginning, there is no end.


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