2016 – 6th Grade National 4th Place Winner

Kevin Kereakos Fairbanks, Minnesota.

Imagination or Knowledge

I have to say my answer is yes. My reason is the following, imagination and knowledge must co-exist. In our society the question knowledge or imagination is often asked. Many answer this question with knowledge, others imagination. Neither can exist without the other. Take the smartphone for example it was an idea (imagination). However someone had to have the knowledge of technology to put this invention to life. Also, without light there is no dark. Without the sun there is no moon. Our entire universe is based on balance. In anything and everything there is balance. Take books for example; there is no reader without an author and there’s no author without a reader.

Our society runs on this balance that is delicately brought together. Once the balance breaks then, Poof! It falls apart. If we all believed one thing there would be no imagination yet we would have all knowledge, however our society would be boring. On the other hand, if we had all imagination and no knowledge we would have chaos and discord. In order to have harmony we must have a balance between both. There is no greater impact whether you try to explain why. For example if someone answered knowledge and their reason is this: Take the phone for example how did we make this? With the knowledge of technology. Here is what I would combat with: Well how did the phone start out? It began as an idea in someone's head. As well if someone answered this with imagination and said: take Steven Universe as an example, how did this start? As an idea in Rebecca Sugar’s head. I would combat with this: yes it did start as an idea however while imagining it Rebecca Sugar kept the knowledge of actual mineralogy and how gemstones work in mind.

Our society is equally impacted by both neither more or less from either one. Since knowledge and imagination must work in harmony they must never be separate. From imagination there is the ideas and methods of the pair and from knowledge the part that explains how and why it works. In the art world it also transfers imagination contributes the main ideas and knowledge questions how it will work out. When creating a character an author will create their base and break it down from there using their knowledge of people to pull the character together.

Also when creating a new chemical the people doing this have thought of a possible combination which has not been done yet. They thought of this based on their knowledge of chemical structure and properties in order to do so. However they would have wondered if this was possible imagining what would happen if they attempted to make this combination.

One alone, knowledge or imagination is not enough you need both together. No dark means no light. No winter means no summer. No sound means no silence. Balance is key the answer to this question is: yes, no doubt about it.



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