2016 – 7th Grade National 3rd Place Winner

Allison Chang, Florida.

Imagination vs. Knowledge Essay

Imagination and knowledge both have a great impact on society, but imagination starts it all. Ideas and inventions all come from someone's imagination. Hope is believing there is a better world out there. Many people use their imagination without realizing it. Knowledge may be influential on our society, but imagination has the greater impact.

When people are struggling, they have hope. They picture a place where everyone is equal, no one is discriminated, and where no one has to suffer. To picture a world like this, people use their imagination. In the book, “I Am Malala,” Malala is a girl who fought for a right to equal education for both boys and girls. Malala imagined a world where girls can go to school and learn how to read, write and do math. Her imagination caused her to take action and this led to a great impact on society. In the book, “Peace Warriors,” the people mentioned in the book fought for something they believe in. For example, Martin Luther King Jr. fought for civil rights in the South. He pictured a world where everyone of every race bonded and lived together, without being discriminated. Imagination can get people to fight for what they believe for in result of a better world. Another impact imagination has on society is that it allows people to show how they live.

A camera can show anything though the perspective of anyone. Khaldiya survives in a refugee camp because she learned how to film and she shares her life with us. She used her imagination to show people around the world what life in a refugee camp feels like. Many people use their imaginations when creating things too. An author uses their imagination in order to create a new fantasy land and characters with unique personalities. Some movies are original ideas that very creative people made into a motion picture. People use their imagination in their everyday lives without even knowing.

Imagination plays a great role in our society because it allows us to share our thoughts, come up with new ideas, and picture a better world. Everyone, from the president to a child all use their imagination in some way. To be able to picture a whole different world through imagination can impact anyone. People may think they don’t have an imagination, but the truth is, it can be the change the world needs.


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