2016 – 8th Grade National 4th Place Winner

Michael Reyes, Florida.

Knowledge affects society more than imagination. Knowledge is the basis of society, without knowledge you wouldn’t know if anyone can be trusted, or if it is safe to stick your hand in the garbage disposal. However, knowledge is not only important on the basic level, but on levels higher up such as politicians, scientists, and engineers. They are all hired based on the level of knowledge they already have which is shown in what degree they already have, the higher the degree, the more likely you can get a job. That’s why knowledge affects society more than imagination.

People with more knowledge get better jobs because they are more likely to know how to handle certain situations with the knowledge they already know. Tai Lopez was once a poor man with little cash and little knowledge he lived a poor life in a trailer home, until he met his first mentor who changed his life. The best word of advice he gave Tai was to learn more. From there he grew bigger and bigger but not in size but in knowledge. Today he lives in a 16 bedroom mansion spreading the famous word of advice “The more you earn, the more you learn.” You might recognize Tai from the infamous advertisement on youtube where he states that he is more proud of his 3,000 books than his brand new Lamborghini.

Without knowledge society would crumble beneath our feet. Thomas Hobbes states that without the basic level of trust we wouldn’t know who means harm, but in our society we have a government we know will protect us because we know the government will punish us or others if they harm another.

Some might say that without imagination we wouldn't have famous inventions and art such as the periodic table made by Dmitri Mendeleev or the many inventions of Leonardo da Vinci. However without knowledge they wouldn’t have been able to make the inventions. For example if Dimitri had no idea about elements he wouldn't be able to organize them, or if Leonardo da Vinci had no knowledge about physics he wouldn’t be able to create the inventions such as the flying machine and the theory of plate tectonics. In order to have imagination you need knowledge. It’s like trying to make a mural without any colors.

Without knowledge life wouldn’t work properly. People won’t trust one another, the inventions we have today won’t exist and if you don’t have knowledge you won’t get a good job. Life won’t work properly. That’s why knowledge is more important than imagination.



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