2016 – Most Philosophical 4th Grader in America

Brianna Vallone, New York.

Imagination or Knowledge?... An interesting question

     Imagination and knowledge have both played a major part in shaping society today. Although knowledge is definitely important to have, I feel imagination has a greater impact. Without imagination the world would be a boring place to live. Having the ability to see and think about things differently and use one’s imagination is part of what makes us different, unique, and interesting. Studying, attending school, and completing research may give us knowledge but imagination is an amazing quality that not everyone is lucky enough to have. In my opinion, imagination has a much greater impact on society than merely knowledge and intelligence because you are limited in what you can achieve when you possess only knowledge.

     Although knowledge is undeniably important, there would have been no advancement without imagination. Back when we did not have advanced technology people used their creativity to make tools to hunt animals for them to eat. They also used their imagination to make their clothes and necessities for survival. Imagination is the key to innovation and creativity. Mostly every situation we will face in life requires someone to think “outside the box” and create something amazing all using imagination, regardless of whether any hard facts are available or needed or not.

     Many innovative thinkers come to mind when speaking about imagination. One of my favorite examples is Walt Disney. His ability to use his imagination and his creative way of thinking introduced the world to animation. One day he was taking a train ride home and doodled on a piece of paper not knowing that his vision would become one of the most loved and recognized characters in cartoon history. There are very few people in society today who do not know and love Mickey Mouse. Most of us have a favorite full length cartoon movie of his a well. Walt Disney was not afraid to express his ideas even though they were different than most other peoples. Walt Disney was the first to imagine and open two successful theme parks. He envisioned places where parents and children could go on rides together, explore, and meet their favorite animated characters. Even after his death, Walt Disney’s company continues to be successful. The Walt Disney Company still releases cartoon and action films for all to enjoy.

     Another imaginative person to impact society was British author J.K. Rowling. She wrote incredible tales for her creative and one of a kind “Harry Potter” series which also became a very popular movie series. I feel it is wonderful that her way of sharing her ideas through storytelling has brought joy and excitement to so many people. This shows how powerful the effect can be when we act on our ideas and share them with others.

     Another way of viewing this argument is knowledge is knowing what happened in the past. Imagination is knowing what could possibly happen in the future. Almost all the innovators, creators, and inventors have had a very vivid imagination. Most artists are only able to do what they do by using their imaginations.

     As a young student who still has so much to learn, I understand how important and beneficial it is to constantly be obtaining knowledge from all around me by studying, reading, and listening to my teachers and fellow classmates. However, I also feel strongly that independent thinking, brainstorming ideas,and using our imaginations should be encouraged and included in our everyday education. By taking part in programs like Quest, participating in music and art education, and conducting science experiments I think we are started on the right path to recognizing the full potential of using our imaginations. The possibilities are endless. You never know, someday a creative idea of my own my change the world!



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