2017– 5th Grade National 4th Place Winner

Cody Arnold, New Jersey.

What is Mightier, the Pen or the Sword?

A pen to wonder, a sword strong like thunder, a pen’s proclamation for pondering, and a sword’s passion for freedom. Creation or desperation? Construction or destruction? Both influential; will you shine and design or confine with crime? Education or obliteration, it depends on your lens.

Our families slid their quills across the treaties, and showered their wills throughout thought after the battles were fought. While the sword made heat, the pen made freedom complete. Like a big brother, the pen has to recover for the muddle the sword creates. Thomas Jefferson, “the pen of the revolution,” established the constitution, a solution and a revolution.

Whether it’s to evoke hope, or try to detain the pain the sword has made on the terrain, a pen is like a mirror, so superior. It’s appealing to ur feelings… revealing a smile to treasure for a while or writing a piece to make emotions a commotion. The pen creates publication that leads into communication, information and inspiration.



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