2017 – Most Philosophical 3rd Grader in America

Josh Knox , Minnesota.

     “Have you ever wondered if the pen is mightier than the sword! Well I have answered that question! In my essay I will tell you which is more powerful the pen or the sword. I believe that the pen is mightier than the sword. A pen can be used to communicate, it can start or end a war and the pen represents ideas.

A pen can be used to communicate ideas. This is important because communication can help you learn. The sword does not help you learn at all. People can get into fights over misunderstandings because they did not communicate well.

The pen can be used to start a war through a declaration of war and it can also a stop a war through a treaty. The sword can’t end a war so that makes it less powerful.

The pen also represents ideas. We can get along better if we understand each others ideas. The sword represents force so if we use force we will not understand each others ideas and get into fights. The fable “The North Wind and the Sun” is an example of this. In the fable the North Wind and The Sun get into a fight and then they have a competition to see who can remove a man’s cloak. The North Wind blows at the man using force and it doesn’t work. The Sun shines on the man making it hot causing him to take off his cloak himself. The moral of this fable is, “True strength lies not in force, but gentle persuasion.”

As I have shown the pen is mightier than the sword because it is used for all kinds of communication. The pen can be good, positive, and powerful. It can use gentle persuasion instead of force to share ideas.



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