2017 – Most Philosophical 5th Grader in America

Libby Payne, Texas.


A pen, a sword, a word, an action. Many say that a pen is mightier than a sword. Is it a word that makes an imprint of greater depth? Or is it an action that can leave an imprint so deep it is simply preposterous to think as of erasable?

I would say that a sword, or an action, is capable to create unthinkable damage with a much greater capacity than a pen, or a word. A word is so easy to categorize. A happy word makes you smile with great joy. A sad word can make you cry for days, consumed with grief. A terrifying word can make you scared to even go outside. A hilarious word can make you double over with laughter. But you don’t remember the word forever. You may remember the feeling, but the word is lost in the millions and millions of words we have heard and spoken.

An action, I believe, is a true display of intention, of character. It shows if you care passionately about others and their needs, if you simply are so utterly ignorant that you are willing to throw other’s needs away just for your personal satisfaction. If you are someone who can be trusted with someone’s most personal secret, or someone who no one really takes seriously because of action in the past.

An action leaves an impact, a life changing imprint. If you are lazy, then you might not get to partake in that academic competition that you could put on your high school application. I you are brag, maybe your best friend won’t want to come to your house and watch you admire your trophies. It doesn’t have to be bad things. If you play a sport and you show immense respect, then maybe a scout will be quicker to recruit you. If you are hardworking, you might get that good job. Those things are hard to represent with words. ANyone can say that they are smart. Or responsible. Or honest. But words can be deceiving.

Our actions affect the environment of other people. Maybe that bully that you hide from at lunch wouldn’t be so mean if you welcomed them into your circle of friends. Maybe that person wouldn’t be so shy if you hadn’t laughed every time they got a wrong answer. People can have a positive impact that will change a person’s life. Our parents, for example shape us into the people we are. My parents have taught me to be responsible and independent, two things I am proud of.

When you do something, anything, remember those you have taught you how to behave. Who have shown you how to behave. So behave with kindness. Honesty. Empathy. Love. Respect. Take ownership of these phenomenal traits. Actions speak louder than words. Let your actions speak for who you are. For what you believe in. And always be proud.




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