2018 – Most Philosophical 4th Grader in America

Kalyani Bhat, Iowa.

Trickery. Lying. Cheating. All the words mean the same thing, deceit. These words happen everyday. Sadly the effects of these words expand throughout the world. They overcome people and communities and turn them to deception.

We like to think that truth is more common in this world than deceit but the real thing is, it is not. Deceit is like a chain reaction, it starts small with one person but then that person turns another person to deceit then another and another.
Good people sometimes can be deceitful. They might lie or cheat for good reason and that is hard to call deceit. Nobody is perfect, people make mistakes and bad choices, but when those mistakes become a habit that’s when their behavior changes to deceit.

The reason that deceit has more of an impact is because it is easier than telling the truth and most people tend to take the easy way out. Truth is much harder and people tend not to do it because it takes willpower to tell the truth and sometimes that means admitting your wrong and getting yelled at and a lot of people might be scared at that so they tend not to tell the truth.

My mom tells me something that helps remind people to tell the truth “do good even if it isn’t the easiest thing, it is the right thing.” What that means is even if doing good or telling the truth is hard, it is the right thing to do. But people don’t seem to get that so they choose deceit which causes more deceit to cover up your first deceit and just causes a lot more deceit. Nothing good comes out of deceit but people still seem to go towards the deceit path.

The impact of deceit is that once you start it gets harder and harder to stop. Once you have lied or cheated you are always going to have to cover up that lie unless you tell the truth. But will know be harder because whatever problem you had before was now going to be ten times worse. Deceit is hard to stop and is an endless path with little chance of getting back on track.

In conclusion, I think deceit has more of an impact on society because it is a chain reaction and once it is started the deceit gets worse and harder to fix.

Poem By: Kalyani Bhat

Deceit, oh deceit, you cannot be beat.
You infect the world and swirl it around too.
Deceit, oh deceit, you come but do not go.
Your foe is the truth, but who really has an impact
Him or you?

Deceit oh deceit, you trick and you cheat,
and defeat the truth.
It takes no sleuth to know
you are no truth!




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