2018 – National High School 2nd Place

Valenni Passaro, New York.

Deceit has a greater impact on society. People have a tendency to grasp onto things that they want to believe are true, whether they realize they are doing it or not. The media often portrays lies and deception that can drown out the truth. We are shown that people are meant to look a certain way and to feel a certain way about different traits and characteristics, even though many of the things that they are showing are fake themselves. Some models are photoshopped and portrayed as these perfect figures when a lot of it is due to hours of modification and toning. People do not want to hear the truth simply because just hearing and knowing that it is the truth, makes it true. Many people have a fear of facing their problems head on, making them want to focus on things that do not affect them People do not want to hear things that are going on because then they have to fact it themselves. Human nature makes us uncomfortable with the truth because we have a need to forget about everything that is wrong in the world and pretend that everything is going to be okay. Humans feel that if they imagine a world where there are no problems, and continue to go out their life avoiding conflict. They believe that because they choose to ignore these things it will make it go away. We want to hear things that make us feel good about ourselves. When we do find something that makes us feel less than how we already feel about ourselves we then feel the need to put it down and rip it apart. When society is presented with cold hard facts they tend to reject it because it makes them realize that they will have to face their own problems because, like the truth, they are real. With deceit you can tell people whatever they want to hear and cater to their liking. And, because it is something they agree with, they will gravitate towards it, not bothering to check whether it is correct, then continue to spew out the lies that they were told. False rumors spread like wildfire in society because people will do whatever it takes to allow them to forget about what they have going on and allows them to focus on other people. Deceit has a greater impact on society basically because we do not want to deal with reality. People want to forget about their lives and they think that if they just pretend that their problems do not exist then they will just go away. Deceit has a greater impact because the media tends to just spew out rumors about celebrities and scandals which lets people think about everyone else’s lives rather than their own. Deceit helps people focus on other people’s problems rather than how they can find solutions to their own. This is why deceit is much stronger in comparison to its counterpart because people do not want the truth, they want to feel, if even just for a few moments, that everything is okay and they have nothing to worry about.



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