2018 – 4th Grade National 2nd Place Winner

Geddy Moss, New York.

Truth or Deceit: Which has a Greater Impact on Society?

In the real world, many things happen. People lie and people tell the truth, but which has the biggest effect? Based on the things that people do, I think that deceit has a greater impact on our society and world. When people lie, two things can happen, they can get away with it, or they could get caught. When people get caught, they are forced to confess, and tell the truth. When they do not get caught, then no truth is told, and false information is put out. But what does that false information cause? Havoc.

False information and lies cause people to believe something that is not true. So for example, if somebody has a trial in court, and they do not plead guilty, but they really are guilty, than they can cause more trouble in our world and life. It is similar with taxes, if you do not pay them, your schools and community would not be a good and or safe place to be!

However, truth has a big impact, but not as big as deceit or lying. If a person tells the truth, then goodwill and thoughts are put out into the world for people to know. People then know the real information that will help and succeed our society. But unfortunately, research by HuffPost shows that 60% of the time during a 10 minute conversation, your colleagues lie to you, that is more than half, can you believe that? It is very bad that your colleagues lie to you because when they lie to you, they could tell you something that could cause you to get withdrawn from your position. The effects of this can be horrible, your business could fail, and you could get fired! Studies by Mental Floss show the same results, but also found and said this, “By age four, 90% or children have grasped the concept of lying, and it just gets worse from there.” Plus, most of the time they do not even realize they are lying.

Based on my research and common knowledge, deceit has a greater impact on society. Rather than truth, which has a better, but not bigger impact on society.



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