2018 – Most Philosophical 3rd Grader in America

William Shurts, New Jersey.

Truth or Deceit

I think that deceit has a greater impact on society than truth. A society can be big or small. It can be a family, a school and a country. Deceit has a big impact on all three of those societies.

Deceit can tear families apart. If you lie, people will not have trust in you anymore and trust is important for families. Truth sometimes can mend families that have been damaged from deceit, but sometimes the damage from deceit in families cannot be mended. An example of this is divorce.

A school society is another type of society and it can also be damaged by deceit. Cheating is a form of deceit that affects grades and the teacher believing in you. Even if you tell the truth after you lied about the test, the teacher may not change their mind about you and your habits of deceit. The friend that you were cheating off of would not like you anymore. If you lie to your friends, they will not trust you and you’ll lose your friends at school.

Countries can also be affected by deceit in a big way. If the president lies to a country, it may cause wars. For example, if the president promised a country a big piece of land and does not give it to them, this country would fight for it. This would cause a war between the two countries. The president lying to the country started the war that affected both societies. If countries lie to each other then we will not have allies for war that we can trust.

Deceit on a lower level can tear apart families and friends, and on a higher level it can tear apart countries so deceit has a greater impact on small or large societies.




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