2018– Most Philosophical 6th Grader in America

Vincent Rivellese, New York.

The Agony of Deceit

Deceit has a greater impact on society than truth. Some people might say that truth has a greater impact because it can create a more trustworthy and positive environment, it has more positive impacts, it leaves room to grow and advance as a society through trust, and it helps us make thoughtful and rational decisions based on facts. However, I believe that deceit has a greater impact because it can permanently damage people, nations, and the world.

First, deceit can damage people. If you tell someone they are good at singing so you don’t hurt their feelings, that person might take it as the truth and try to pursue a career as a singer. However, they wouldn’t give up because they are convinced that they are good enough. They could’ve improved our society in a different way, but they believed your lie. Now, they are putting effort into something they will never succeed at.

In addition, deceit can damage nations. When politicians deceive us, it can greatly harm the nation. When politicians running for a place in office lie to us, they are bending our ability to make rational and thoughtful decisions based on true facts. For example, a politician might say that they are going to improve a program, but if people vote for them and they get elected, they will really ignore the program, hurt it, or shut it down completely. Eventually, things can spin out of control, and/or lead to more control for the person elected that what is good for the nation. That can lead to chaos between the public and the government, which can mean violence, riots,
and potential destruction of the nation.

Finally, deceit can damage the world. If people lie about climate change and tell us that the environment is fine, no one would be careful of what they were putting into the environment, and more people and animals will die of pollution. We would eventually destroy the environment and not be able to learn more about nature. We could have used that to help improve technology, make new scientific discoveries, and help us advance as a society. We might also produce materials and chemicals that could further worsen the situation and wipe out all life on Earth.

In conclusion, although deceit has a negative impact, the impact is still greater. Truth deos have benefits, but deceit is much more powerful and can manipulate the truth by bending and twisting it. One little lie can spiral into something huge, and that can destroy everything. It can give you the key to your dreams, then make them crumble, leaving sadness and anger in its wake. If people are not careful, deceit and trickery can destroy the world.



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