2019 – 4th Grade National 2nd Place Winner

Luke Forster, Minnesota.


Both forces act like magnets, pulling and pushing over and over. Love and hate both have similar impacts of bringing people together and pulling them apart, but only one can win. Love has a greater impact on society.

Love, is a force that brings us all together, people, communities, countries, pretty much anything or anyone together. Love, if you have ever been torn apart by hate, love will pull you, us, or them back together again. Although hate is is extremely powerful and is tough to beat, love can beat it. Love can make bonds, strong ones, but hate's role is to break them, love might not win the battle, but it will win the war.

Hate is a force that takes us and rips us apart like a cheetah stalking, killing, and tearing apart its prey. Hate has a big role, but it might not help you receive success in life. If hate tears you apart, love might not be able to help. This is what hate does to many people everyday impacting friendships, families, and love in general. Hate will win the battle, but not the war.

Society is impacted by both of these forces every day, and if you get hated on or hate someone, the love that you get from family and friends could make your day. Or you could be a family member or friend who helps someone who has been going through something, he won't help, but love will. This is why love is slightly more powerful than hate.




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