2019 – 4th Grade National 3rd Place Winner

Antonio Leo, New York.


Love or Hate: What has a greater impact on society?

Hate has a larger impact on society.
Hate causes wars, riots, and silence.
Like that small voice in your head telling you do something hateful
Love is like a paper towel,
soaks up a mess but eventually decays
Love cannot heal the scars and the wounds hate started

Hate is everywhere from that town on a hill to the streets of a city
Hate can sneak up on you, waiting til that one bad time.
Love is like a bandage,
but it always peels off
Hate starts rumors, lies and separation.

Hate swallows people up and makes a rotten and corrupt person
Just like those cartoons, showing hate and love on people’s shoulders
You cannot escape the things hate does, all the wars and riots
That voice in Hilter’s mind caused WWII and the Holocaust

Love is like the sand being washed into the ocean
But hate is that large rock, always in the same place,
never seems to move at all…





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