2019 – 4th Grade National 4th Place Winner

Olivia Castang, New York

Olivia Castang

Love or Hate: Which has a Greater Impact on Society

Hate has a greater impact on society. Hate can change a good day into a horrible day. Hate can change a kind friendly person into a bad person. Hate can even change the way people view other people’s work. Hate can even make people dislike themselves. Hate can also demolish, it can take everything that you have away from you. It will always follow you to every doorstep you come to, taking away everything in its pathway.

Hate does not pick who it comes to. You cannot avoid it your whole life. Hate can also make you feel sad. It can make you depressed about life when you are having a perfect day with nothing going wrong in your life. Hate can change your whole mood from a good mood to a bad mood with the blink of an eye. Hate can change your personality permanently. You will be a different person forever and nothing will be able to change you back to the way you were before you experienced hate. Hate can make the whole world a glum place to stay. It will not allow you to change for the better, and only for the worse.

Clearly, you can see that I think hate has a greater impact on society.





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