2019 – 5th Grade National 4th Place Winner

Vijay Singh, New York.


Love or Hate- Which has a Greater Impact on Society?

People always here one phrase every single day, regardless if you're at work, school, or at home, “one smile can change someone's entire day.” but does it really? Love is like glue which can hold you together temporarily, but can easily dissolve with time, similar to the emotions you feel from love. You will always forget. Love is not permanent.

A compliment, a smile, a handshake. These actions can surely brighten up somebody’s day, but nobody remembers those feelings forever, because it is only one moment in time.

However, hate is a permanent scar that will never let go, a virus always spreading that cannot be contained. It spreads negativity worldwide and is a parasite that lives within every single person on earth. It forces people into a dark corner of depression with fixed mindsets, in which it is practically impossible to escape.

In the world today, most people feel hatred, due to many of the conversations that take place today are online. people online have the courage to say things and do things that they would never say or do if they were face to face. If you see hurt on somebody's face, you'll most likely have empathy and feel sad for that person. That's why people hide behind fake identities online and spread hate without anybody knowing it was them.

In conclusion, although love can make somebody feel powerful and strong, boosted up by the positive emotions they feel, hate has a stronger impact because hate has a permanent effect on people. But even though hate currently has a greater impact on society doesn't mean we should stop spreading love.




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