2019 – 6th Grade National 2nd Place Winner

Jett Loechler, Minnesota.


Love impacts society. Love is both positive emotions and something that is larger than ourselves. Desmond Tutu once said, "do your little little but of good in the world. It’s those little bit’s of good put together that overwhelm the world.” Love is essential for the creation of any kind of human organization like communities where we will lend a helping hand, our nations where we will open our eyes, and our world where will hang our world in balance with the overwhelming power of love.

Love impacts communities because they are part of something larger than themselves, where they share a human connection, whether it's with the person they know well or with a total stranger. This is where we experience our common humanity. It's a powerful, uplifting feeling that turns out to be extraordinarily healthy. But this feeling not only affects a person's health but also the health of communities, making everyone more connected.

Love impacts the health of our nation because if we could understand our experiences of connection, health and wisdom in terms of love and positivity, then we would build our institutions with more success. All we need to do this is to open our eyes and understand the needs of others. When we do that it will not only heavily impact our nation for the better but also our world.

Love impacts our world because love is the balance that holds the world in place. without it we would be living on a earth filled with total chaos. Being loved in a world of hate is an enabler, a foundation, a definer, a source of personal strength, a reference point, and a mirror reflecting who you are. When you know you are loved you feel safe, secure, and in a place where things just seem to make sense.

In conclusion, love impacts society. Experiencing emotions of love like happiness, excitement, joy, hope, an inspiration is vital for anyone who wants to lead a happy and healthy life.





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