2019 – 7th Grade National 2nd Place Winner

Hector Lopez, Florida.


“Radiate boundless love towards the entire world-above, below, across- unhindered without ill will, without enmity.” -Siddhartha Gautama. Love is the most powerful weapon within the arsenal of society. It ends wars, arguments, disputes, and even separations based on hate. The true definition of love is not based solely on positive feelings for another, but unconditional displays of care that can be shown from an overlookable action, to the most imperative operation. Hate is a looming force that is weak, and will always be displayed in an aggressive manner, never following Aristotle's golden mean. Love has a stronger effect across societies.

Love's effect is something that can be easily broken down into chemistry. By simply looking at the different chemical responses, it is simple to see a positive outbreak of emotion due to love. According to “Love in the Brain,” by Scott Edwards, love makes the brain increase in dopamine an oxytocin. These two compounds are strong responses to outside stimuli, or something that can cause a strong effect. Further into analysis, these 2 chemicals are responsible for many of the positive emotions that humans can experience in life- particularly happiness and extreme pleasure. Love also increases activity within the caudate nucleus. The caudate nucleus is more frequently referred to as the “rewards system” within the brain. By increasing activity within this section of the organ, positive responses due to stimuli are heightened. Therefore, love has a very strong impact on the brain, but also societies.

An escape from the state of nature, as can be agreed by many philosophers such as John Locke, is a revolutionary movement when it in the history of our civilization. Implementing love into societies can very easily brought in human unfolding. According to “The Impact of Love Virtue,” by Dr. Hyder Sahed, anger and hate are simply life constricting for a community, whereas a community in which there is an application of love, there would be positive prospect. Love leads to a growing community in which there is a bolstering sense of equality within all areas. The right to a proper and safe ecology is maintained by love, as awareness increases.

Some critics may argue that hate causes progression, using rivalry as the main source of expansion from any form of competition. However, this argument has a fallacy within its statement. Hate prevents people from cooperating towards the common good, keeping only administer efficiency within work. However, with love, people can easily learn to collaborate, and acquire enlightenment within any form of ambitious environment. This is because love brings people together, and if applied to issues, can change the outcome severely, for the greater good.

All in all, love is an extremely strong emotion. It has been observed to be positive in nearly all ways, being an emotion with nearly no flaws. Love is also a powerful word and action, which can be seen in many environmental and civil rights movements. In conclusion, love has a stronger impact than hate on society.





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