2019 – 7th Grade National 3rd Place Winner

Ethan Tyrrell, Colorado.


In the next three seconds, nine humans will be born, each enveloped by a presence unknown to them.


From a young age, love is personified as an acquaintance, someone standing beside us.

A helping hand.

As we grow, love grows, not only within us, but around us. We seek to control it so it won't overwhelm us. It toys with us, brings us together, and tears us apart. Love develops, and we begin to realize it's true effects. It handles us, and when it starts to slip away we feel betrayed. Little things that didn't bother us before, suddenly seemed too big to handle, and we feel like withdrawing. Over time, we are healed by the very thing that caused us pain. Love. The life cycle repeats throughout our lives in each new generation to come.

A new child is born.

With true love comes gateways to our wildest dreams, and the overall betterment of ourselves. We gain strength through the receipt of love, and courage through the sharing of it. We realize the positive effects, creating an urge to pass it on, and although the urge doesn't always seem to be there, it lives within us, a strong power circulating back to itself.

Love gives us a sense of valid belonging and teaches us not only to respect others, but ourselves, this being the most important trait of all. We see love as an inanimate object, but looking deeper, we experienced love through tangible actions as small as a simple high-five. We can decide how we spread love, learn to accept it, and pass it to others. Daily, we see the misuse of this power, and we are tempted to tag along.

In a world with so much hate, it is imperative for us to recognize the value of love, and embrace it to its full potential.

Studies show that there are 437 songs, 852 poems, 641 novels, and 83 dramas produced each year, totaling 2,013 works, entirely about love, showing us just how central it is too are being. We need a core to put our emotions into orbit, and the diversity of love gives us one. All the emotions we feel or witness are a manifestation of love whether it be true romance, equal friendship, or even denial.

In the next 3 seconds, 5 humans will be killed.


In act of despair, regret, pain. From a young age, we are pulled into an appalling cycle, one in which we are forced to fall into a sinkhole of disregard to all solutions that can make things right. We are tempted to make judgments leading to further regret. We are clutched by this cycle, and we struggle to break away.

Both have a home within us. They coexist, and they tether around us. As we have seen, love will always surpass.

Where there is love there is life.




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