2019 – Most Philosophical 4th Grader in America

ZoŽ S. Weiner, New York.


Hope has a greater impact
Its sad, but it’s true
Hate will hurt you
Scar you deep
Though love helps
It doesn’t always last

Though love is good
And hate is bad
Hate is widespread
Hate kills people
Hate spreads like a wildfire

And people would rather hate
Hating is squashing a spider
Instead of taking it outside
Hating is easier

When people hate
They loathe
They do more
They think bigger
Not better

Hate can become
Many things

Hate has an impact
So much greater than love
Hate causes destruction in seconds
Love must clean up
But love
Takes years to rebuild
And love
Is not widespread
Is harder
To be
Than hateful
Can only do
So much
To clean up
The mess
That hate
Has made





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