2019 – Most Philosophical 8th Grader in America

Aditi Kumar, Florida.


The Trial of Albert Camus

Thank you your honor, today, the world has reached a stage in which the greatest disbelief has come to a peak. The prosecution team identifies a clear disbelief in the defense team of Albert Camus, a philosopher who deems it necessary to spread the disbelief that love has a greater impact on society. The prosecution identifies the fact that love is clearly the nonpareil choice that the world wants to ultimately reach, however, hate is the undefeatable emotion present among society.

Love and hate are recognized as polar opposites, love being a feeling of extreme attachment, while hate is an incredibly strong dislike towards something, both being ideological principles.

Hate comes in multiple different manifestations, whether it be a tax fueled by prejudice or discourteous actions. Among the greatest examples prevalent today the Holocaust, the mass genocide of 6 million Jews, allowed the whole world to reflect on an intense hate crime and build more bonds, relations, and trust among each other through the aftermath of violence, essentially, hate. Hate allows for social mobility and advancement within a community. Love is derived from hate, however hate derived solely from itself, as shown in the possibility of a deceitful and negligent, albeit a successful society. The world changes and develops through the harmful actions of certain figures and other negatively impactful actions, allowing for humanity to grow more productively. Additionally, slavery, a core aspect of it being dehumanizing a whole race, allowed for another form of advancement in society. The United States realized the wrongdoing of the South and took it as a chance to develop and create more equality for all under the US Constitution.

Hate affects psychological behavior on a subconscious level. A strong form of prejudice, coming from social or political change, discourages unfamiliar groups, due to a widespread demographic change, causing dehumanization and targeted aggression towards unlikeable people. Furthermore, the widely accepted Existentialist philosophy disagrees with the fact that social values and structure control an individual as well as the idea that all people are suffused with love an ethical standpoint but ruined by society or external forces. Thus, arguments that state love is more impactful since it is instilled within human conscience, teaching us to be moral and ethical humans to better society, or automatically disproven. It is because of the bringing upon of continuous hate/prejudice among the population, that results in being extremely effective on a large scale. The effect of hate is only expanding, creating it harder to minimize. Hate crimes and violence are now being used as social exchanges between communities and the media. The resistance to hate is extremely futile, as hate is always ingrained within one's mind, and no other power may ever be able to refute that. Acts of compassion and love may have long lasting effects, but the power of hate is prevalent enough to diminish the effect of it.

The prosecution recognizes this as their final and closing statement. The defendant, Camus, should rightfully indicted with misconception.





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