2019 – 5th Grade National 2nd Place Winner

Naomi Castang, New York.


Hate                                             Love

I create wars, ruin relationships, break hearts
I dwell in the dark, discouraging you from trying new things,
meeting new people
I will always be there when you are in the depths of your despair
I’m the reason you have does and enemies

                                                    I fix problems

                                                    and bring people together
                                                    I prevent people from

                                                    feeling unloved and unwanted
                                                    I help out of misery and distress

We may change lives both in good and bad ways

I darken your doorstep
Signaling your downfall
I can ruin your life
crumbling and demolishing anything in my way

I cover your heart with madness and
Make you feel as if you are
I will be there at your breaking point
in your time of need
Giving you no hope or courage to go on,
To get back up or to
see the future ahead

Both of us can help you get through your problems
however the outcome cannot be certain

When you think you can
Get out of trouble with
deceit, wars and hateful words
You can only ruin your life
                                                      I’m the last thing

                                                      for you to hold on to
                                                      Your support, encouragement
                                                      I am able to aid you

                                                      through the process of
                                                      coping with the procedure

                                                      required to balance your life
                                                      I am the glue

                                                      holding you together

I cause you to shatter in one million pieces
And then I smash each piece one by one

I give anxiety, depression
Cause suicidal attempts and gun violence
I help you think that it is okay to hurt
I give you excuses to continue bad actions that have a negative effect on others or on you

When you have a chance to show you care
I mess it up
filing you down to the last cell in your body
The last straw
                                                        I change you

                                                        into a better person,
                                                        something better than before
                                                        I stop you

                                                        from abusing yourself
                                                        and look forward

                                                        and never back
                                                        I encourage you

                                                        to keep on going
                                                        No matter the feat

I tell you the journey is too long too hard or too risky
I discourage you because I feel that it it’s just not worth the try
I tell you that you are not smart, not pretty, not strong, not good enough to get where you want to be
I tell you to aim for the worst, to stay low, or not to try at all
All in all I have an ultimate victory because I leave a darker mark on society.




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