2019 – Most Philosophical 5th Grader in America

Nathan Tickle, New York.


I am Love                                                  I am Hate

Everyone will seek me                                 Everyone will seek me

Sooner or later                                           Sooner or later

I am the tourniquet constricting

hate's poison from reaching

People's minds

I am the sword lunging at Hate's

Barrier ready to unleash a person's

True side                                                  

                                                                 I am the bullet that

                                                                 leaves a mark on

                                                                 Someone's soul for life

                                                                              I am the bomb that

                                                                 leaves the sky full
                                                                 Of aversion and sorrow
                                                                 Even though I am

                                                                 invisible, my hatred
                                                                 Changes people’s lives

I will always be present                                       I will always be present

Like the burning sun
I am always there to pick
Up the pieces of Hate’s
Destruction and complete
The puzzle of life all over again

                                                                  With all my power,

                                                                  I slowly Spread fear

                                                                  and depression

                                                                  across the World

                                                                  by spreading

                                                                  immoral thoughts
                                                                  And manipulating

                                                                  Love’s followers
                                                                  Through propaganda

                                                                  like I did in
                                                                  World War II

                                                                  I had help from

                                                                  my friend Envy to
                                                                  Influence the Germans

                                                                  that the Jews
                                                                  Were limiting their

                                                                  possibilities of success

                                                                  We ruled countries,

                                                                   glowing with power
                                                                   Seperating people

                                                                   and destroying them
                                                                   Through our mission

                                                                   of cleansing the world
                                                                   Of threats

                                                                   to OUR people

I reminded people that Hate was
Only an option and that they had
To band together and mend the World
With our allies willing to sacrifice
Themselves for the greater good

                                                                    I may have lost

                                                                    the battle, but my
                                                                    Seeds of hate haven’t

                                                                    left the garden
                                                                    And in fact,

                                                                    are firmly rooted

                                                                    all over The world

                                                                    through terrorism

                                                                    and injustice
                                                                    I leave my mark

                                                                    on history
                                                                    While always ready to

                                                                    overpower the weak

                                                                     and leave

                                                                     the bigger stain

                                                                     on society

I leave my mark on history

While always ready to defend the



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