2009 – 3rd Grade 4th Place Winner.

Roland Berg , Minnesota.

Greed or Giving? Which has the greater impact on Society?

I think giving has a greater impact on society because if we all give, we’ll all be driving to spend our money on things people with not much money need, which is a good reason. if we drive to get things for people who don’t have much money, you can know you’ve just made a person in need very happy. I also think giving has a greater impact because if we all give to people in need, all of those people won’t have to worry about not having the essentials and then we’ll have a better world because lots of nice people did a small thing, but it made a big difference. Also, if somebody does a generous thing to somebody else (even just a smile), they take the cheerfulness and give/share that happy feeling. So, one small act of giving effects lots and lots of people.

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