2007— Most Philosophical 4th Grader in America:

Kotrina Johnson, Virginia.

Compassion or violence, which has a greater impact on Society?

     Bang! Pop! Crash! All sounds of violence. But inside my home there is evidence of loving and caring people. So which has a greater impact on society? Violence is an abuse or unjust exercise of power. Being a threat to others or causing injury to others is also violence. People think that is how they should act in order to be cool and in theirs friend's gangs. Well it's simple to see that more and more generations are growing up to be violent and out of control. Violence is becoming a serious problem for today's society.

For example on yesterday's news, viewers watched a report of a man who babysitting and burnt, shook, and caused the little boy who was only four to have brain damage. He buried the little boy alive in just a diaper.

            On the radio there is another type of violence using words. Rappers are cursing, and using violent words. Kids look at them like Wow! I want to be like them when I grow up. Rappers rap like the only people listening to them are adults. Kids get a hint of what they're saying though too. But rappers don't think of that. Kids say the things rappers say to each others and everything rappers say aren’t kid appropriate.

            The type of violence that effect children the most is right in their home. Children who are being mistreated or abused look at violence as physical contact. It could be someone in your very own class. It could be the person that sits right beside you in class. They could be smart, funny or even the teachers-pet. But at home it's a different story quiet, shy, ashamed and yet they are the coolest people in your class.

            All of these things do happen every day. Our world is worsening every year. But the few people that do have compassion shouldn't be discouraged because of what others do or say about it. But if all the violence could be replaced with compassion, our generation would grow up knowing right from wrong. We will take adult's position in society. One day we will have children of our own. Our kids will be taught what we learned growing up as kids. So let this be a wake up call to anyone who is violent or to parents who sense violence from their children. So parents need to pay attention to what their children watch on TV, listen to on the radio, and experience outside when they're playing with their friends. A kid may say "My mom's to controlling" but I say keep being controlling. Our generation will be thanking parents for keeping our lives on the right path.

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