2017 – 2nd Grade National 2nd Place Winner

Suzie Kim, Illinois.

I think the pen is mightier than a sword. With a pen I can create, spread happiness to others, and have fun. Swords can only destroy, but pens can be used for many different types of fun.

Creating art is one way that a pen can make me feel great. When I sketch I’m making myself happier and happier. Then my mom comes over and says, “My daughter drew a fantastic picture!” It makes her feel proud and happy to see my drawings.

Another way a pen can spread happiness to others is by using it to send an invitation or a funny card. When I get an invitation for a birthday party I get very, very excited. I like getting invitation cards the most. It makes me feel joyful and playful. I also like to make funny cards for my friends. My friends love my awesome cards. They also send me awesome cards. It’s great to share fun art with my friends.

Pens are definitely better than swords. Pens let you show happiness and create. If you want to have fun, use a pen and write something fun and cool for your friends.



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