2005 - 5th Grade 5th Place:

Audrey Berdahl-Baldwin, Minnesota

The importance of truth

The truth is something that is established as a fact that people realize by experience, observation, or the scientific method. We know 2+2=4 regardless of your culture, political beliefs, gender and so on. Since the hunt of scientific knowledge is continuing, the truth is something that is understood differently over time. As we keep learning more about the truth we also discover that there are more answers to things than we can ever imagine. As we realize that the scientific method is a process that seeks the truth, we understand that truth is a natural goal that we have not fully achieved. Non-scientific observation and experience that seeks truth, has been a powerful source shaping the history of cultures, political systems, laws and religion. While culture and ideas vary greatly, common understanding amongst most or all people can also give us assurance that we are on the path of truth. An example of this might be to say it's true that human experience and observation says this is true. Another wonderful example is from the declaration of Independence, "we hold these truths to be self evident". In accepting truth this way, as an understanding that could apply to all people, the pursuit of truth holds the promise of global harmony. The power of truth is beautiful. Even when the truth of some situation is terrible, common ground in understanding it is important. The recent tsunami was devastating to many people. The widespread understanding that this is true is what motivates the response from around the world. The path of truth leads to inclusion, compassion, and peace.

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