2005 - 6th Grade 4th Place:

Audrey Reynolds, Kansas

Truth or Beauty?
What is more important in my life, truth or beauty?

I think beauty is more important in my life, because I find truth within beauty. When I think of beauty, I think of all kinds of beauty. Not only is there outer beauty, but there is inner beauty, overall beauty. Outer beauty in my opinion is what people see just by looking at you. Inner beauty on the other hand is something that people see over time. Overall beauty is something that only you can feel. It is a combination of many things such as inner and outer beauty, happiness, truthfulness, honesty, and all of the things that make you a good person.
Not only is beauty something that is found within a person, but in everyday things. I find beauty in lots of things such as nature, colorful things, animals, and music. I find the most beauty in nature. I find beauty in most music. I also think colorful things are beautiful. Animals are also beautiful because they can't criticize other people or animals. They are kind and understanding. They will be your friend no matter what kind of day you have had.
It's not that I don't think that truth is important. I just think that truth is included in beauty. Truth is one of the many things included in beauty. That is because when you tell the truth you feel beautiful. You are being honest not only to yourself, but to other people. When you are doing good things to or for people, you are making their lives a little bit better, which is a beautiful thing. Sometimes when you don't tell the truth, there can be consequences. Sometimes the consequences won't affect you, but they hurt someone or something else. It is still important to tell the truth.
Truth is something that is not always easy to tell. Sometimes lies may seem easier to tell at first, but after a while you will see that it is always better to tell the truth. Sometimes if you tell likes about yourself, you won't remember them after a while and you'll have to make up more lies, which makes the whole situation even worse than it was. People will like you better if they know the real you and not the lies that you told about yourself. Overall, I think that both truth and beauty are important, but beauty is more important.

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