2004 James W. Buchan Award Winner

Ajay Sharma, Freehold, NJ

I've just been sitting here
thinking of better changes
in this corrupted atmosphere.
A better society for us to live in.
It seems nobody cares-problems everywhere,
from the red white and blue
where people are in despair.
I woke up early, this morning to see
which formulas of the Drake Equation
would be able to work for me.
Through technological thoughts from the mind
I find peace within myself.
These amateurs play the devil
but not on my level
to make the decisions,
the professional look of science
and the appliance,
to find peace in the Middle East.
Where the blood can't drip, due to guns,
without facts no WMD's found.
Americans still support Iraq,
gotta get out of this place.
Even when the plan for global domination
Blew up in the Bush Administration's face.
His plans, had already existed
Before his presidency
which means
new soldiers enlisted,
Not fate that supports these comical Masons.
With logical expectations
I do the math
of the wrath.
The devastation in this capital
Devastation nation.
I've become a rebel that excels,
The information, that propels
All these government scandals.
You cannot trust Bush, Cheney
Or Saddam's regime
hiding underground.
My thoughts, all over the paper
With light like a skyscraper.
The point im trying to progress
Is leaking like water vapors.
We got rapers,
molesters, and criminals
But the biggest thugs, the United States.
Where the propaganda messages are subliminal.
I'm just trying to erupt
for truth,
The youth needs to corrupt
in the next generation.
It never ends
the truth pulls me apart
Like the start
of a magnet with hectic poetic ends.
And with kinetic energy,
and bullets I dodge
Tapping into the White House
And the local Masonic lodges.
The pain, has added up in past days
I want peace like the peacekeepers.
Instead of "truth" speakers
that leak garbage like the Grays.
Now a days, who can you trust?
Now im concerned to learn the reality,
Of 3,009 911 fatalities.
The glocks clapping with enough data on the paper
To let you know that America let it happen.
I feel no urge
to emerge
with words eventually,
The truth comes out later in time.
But Americans are too stupid to
Look at history's time line.
So we engage, in terrorism
ourselves with idiot reasons,
Freezing in treason.
As the history repeats itself
through the disguise,
And the demise.
Those who die struggling in desert sands,
With plans to block the innocent cries.
Time passes by and I undock this ship
The waves calmed down
and just like Osmosis,
my mind started to split.
For years, I saw my greatest fears
turn into tears,
Leaking down my cheek.
This world is mystique,
pathetic and weak
But if you don't respect it
these Demons creeping schemes,
The American dream
I'd rather keep my pride
Than resort to genocide.
My brain's mind frame is complex
We connect on target.
The American market
That dissect
what we embrace.
Suspenseful stories come to me,
my heart continues
To start processing
enough clues for you.
I watch the news
But as far as believing
I puzzle-piece my own views.
Now all I gotta do,
take the notebook and close it
Make the youth listen
over dose it
to people

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