2005 — Most Philosophical 6th Grader in America:

Ashley Whitaker, Illinois

To me, truth is more important than beauty. Truth is sincerity, character, real things, or real events. Truth can be a judgment of someone or something told. Truth is a big part of my life.

Truth is when your friends want to tell you something that you never knew about. Something they don't have to lie about. Something they can tell you straight up. Truth is when you can let someone know something that you really didn't want to tell. You are being true to yourself when you do that. Truth can be a lot more than between you and your friends.

Truth can also be between you and a family members. Kind of like me and my father. Truth is when you can spend time with someone and show you are having a good time. Truth is way more than not lying to one another. Truth shows expressions, emotions and all kinds of other things. You have to look between the lines of truth. You have to look more into the meaning of truth.

Truth is also when you can show feelings about something. You don't have to hide the way you feel. Kind of like me. I don't hide the way I feel. Truth isn't just true feelings from you. It's when your friends can tell you exactly how they feel about you. They don't dodge or tell someone else.

Truth is when the people around you give you their true personality. They don't show someone else's personality. They don't act like the girl next door or anyone famous. They don't act like someone they aren't. They are always themselves. Truth is when the people around you are proud of their life and what they have. They don't lie about things just to be like the next person.

They are true about how they live and don't try to live like another person.
Truth is also when you appreciate who you are and what you want to be. You are who you are and you never try to change it. Truth is when your family and friends could tell you anything. They can tell if something bad or good happens. They can tell you the truth when they don't like something and they tell you how you can change it. They give you opinions if you need it. Truth can be lots of things. Truth is being true to your friends, family, and yourself.

Truth is when your friends are sincere and have a good character. They act respectfully and gratefully towards you. When you do something for them, they always say thank you. Truth is when you act the same way to your friends. You are courteous and polite. Truth is also when you like someone and you can show your true feelings for them. Say if I like someone, I could tell them how I feel.

Truth can be a lot of things. It's when you don't lie or you know your feelings or if you act like yourself. Truth is much more than one thing. The definition of truth is complex. Truth is when you can share things with your family just like they can. Truth is a lot of things. Truth is very complex. Truth is a very important part of my life.

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