2006 — 3rd Grade 3rd Place

Joanna Chyu, Texas

I have Hope for the world

I think hope is more powerful than fear because hope is like a flower, trying to sprout in winter. Winter is fear. Even though the flower will probably not survive in the cold weather, if one thinks about hope and lets it float on top of them like a blanket, it will overcome fear. Hope is everywhere, even in the air, waiting to enter the hearts of everyone. If you think about hope, then you are opening a door in your heart and inviting hope in. Fear is only something people think about that makes them fearful. There are two doors in your heart. One welcomes hope in, the other fear. If you choose to open the door that welcomes fear in, then fear happily comes in and takes over your whole body. Next time, whenever you are fearful, just remember: Let hope float on top of you like a blanket, and then, at the end, what you think about hope matters the most.

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