5th Place - 6th Grade

Emma Burgeson, Minnesota

Is World Peace Possible or is War Inevitable?

Will there ever be world peace? I don't think so.

For one reason, there are governments. If the governments can't cooperate, they are setting a bad example. They are also encouraging people to disagree and fight if that is the choice that they choose. What good does that do if the government is prompting us to kill and to hurt other innocent people?

Another reason is that humans have opinions. If there are opinions, then there is conflict; and if the conflict is beg enough, it turns to hatred and hatred sometimes turns to war. Would everyone have to be the same? Why should we have to be the same just because of the people who despise others that are different? Would we have to have the same hair, clothes, religious beliefs, and eat the same food? Do you think that is really possible? Everyone being the same? No. Who would make the decisions? We would have to vote and that would be an opinion.

A third reason is: What would world peace look like? Would there be any pollution? I think that there would be parks that are all the same, houses that are all the same, and everyday objects that look the same. If they weren't the same, there would be conflict. That brings up another question. Where humans born with the instinct to fight? Do some people just enjoy killing other people just because they are different? How are some people like Hitler so evil, while people like Gandhi are good? Why do some people enjoy helping and giving and doing their best to make the world a better place and other working against them to make the world a very evil and not enjoyable place? Is it because that is what they were taught and that is how they grew up? Or is it to pay someone or some country back?

Lastly, why is war inevitable? I think that some humans just feel like they have to kill other people. Other don't. some feel like they have to kill in order to protect their country or state or provinces. The first reason is that there is opinion. Opinion leads to conflict. The second reason is the world is not the same. The whole world is very different. No one wants to be the same as everyone else. The third reason is that there are governments. The governments fight, and when they fight, there will most likely be war. I have no clue why, but if the governments fight, why should innocent people have to die? They didn't do anything. The innocent people have done nothing except to listen to their leaders. There should be no reason to kill just because they are doing what they are told to do.

That is why I think that World peace is not possible, and war is inevitable.

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