2005— International Winner

Eda Sezginer, Istanbul, Turkey


Both truth and beauty are very important concepts for humans and life. Some people think that truth is more important than beauty. On the other hand, there are some people who consider that beauty is essential and important. So we can understand that Truth or Beauty changes from person to person. In my opinion, reality and goodness in humans' personality is more necessary than beauty, so I think truth is very important.

Generally, beauty is related to appearance. People have prejudices about each other, because they try to judge people by their appearances. In fact, what people look like is not very important because you can't decide on anything about a person by his/her looks. Maybe you can guess, but that might be wrong. Beauty can mislead your thoughts and ideas.

Truth is about realism; it's about behavior. Truth is inside people. So the beauty inside is more important and useful than the beauty as an appearance. Goodness and grace in personality is always better than the other things if people believe in truth. They can get better results in their relationships and they can get the advantages of it.

For example, think that you meet a new person and you try to make a good relationship with that person. Maybe it is for a business or you're just trying to be friends with someone. If you make up an idea by looking at this person, you can think of wrong things. But if you try to know this person and when you start to understand everything about him/her, you might think of different things. Beauty can affect you negatively; also, it can deceive you very easily.

Finally, people gain many things if they believe and give priority to truth. We mustn't forget that beauty is everything. We should know the importance of truth in our lives, and also its positive effects. It is important in our relationships, thought, and many other things. We must learn not to judge people by their appearance, because truth is always more beneficial and important than deceptive beauty.

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