2004 — 3rd place — 4th grade

Gabriel Nathan, Texas

War or Peace?

Is world peace possible or does human nature make war inevitable? Human nature makes war inevitable. It is the only explanation.

There is something in humans that makes them fight. I do not think it will ever stop. There is something in us that nothing fully satisfies our wants. And when we aren't satisfied, we start to fight. Those small fights turn into wars. All we do is fight. No reason. No hesitations. We just fight. One war ends, another breaks out.

Once we see how terrible ware is we regret fighting. We see the weeping, we see the funerals, we see the terribleness of war, and then, then we regret what our instincts made us do. We know we could have done without the fighting. Why? The answer is human nature. Terrible, terrible human nature.

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