Gulce Baycik
Age 13
Istanbul, Turkey

International Winner

The Meaning of Life

The meaning of life lies in the small bits of happy moments that we live throughout our lives. A person who says that he has lived a happy life is the one who has been able to solve the meaning of life for himself. On the other hand a person who seems to have lived an unhappy life seems to have a lot of work to do until he finds the meaning of life.

The meaning of life is of so little amount in one's life that I find it very similar to the special scenes of a movie. As it differs from one movie to another, the meaning of life changes from one person to another.

To understand the meaning of our life, the purpose of our life shows us what to do, to be happy. We are happy if we are successful, we are successful if we do the things that we like and have the ability and physical conditions for it. There is no successful basketball player who is short; there is no successful pianist who doesn't have a feeling of rhythm.

Every one of us have very different abilities and we should be very aware of them. There are some very important clues that are given to everyone, to show them what directions to take in order to be happy. I don’t believe in luck. I believe luck is the ability to see the clues that are given, at the different times of life for us. And the person who can see and use them in his life will be a happy person.

There is only one world for us. It should be protected and its conditions should be developed. This is a very big responsibility for human beings. Responsibility begins in the person himself. If every one of us is a responsible for what we should do, and, just work well together, cooperate with each other, nothing would go wrong in our world.

So, the meaning of life for me is to show other people around me a bigger scene and then to help them to choose the role they would play the best, which in turn would make them feel happy. In short, the meaning of life, in the big scene, for everyone should be to make this a better world to live, because there is no other…

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