2006 — 1st Grade 2nd Place

Shruti Indiresan, California

Hope means to believe in changes.

Hope is more powerful. You can succeed with hope and you cannot with fear. It's because fear means you are scared. Because you are scared that you can't do what you're supposed to do, you will not try. Hope means that you are going to try to do it and end up doing it right. You think to yourself that you can do it! Always use hope and don’t fear. Hope also means wish as in, "I hope that my family always has happiness." Fear also means when you get afraid, when you see something wild like a lion or thunderstorms. Fear is good when you see something scary and you can get away. In my opinion, we could also hope that the scary thing goes away.

Hope is more powerful because we can hope in more places than we can fear. Hope is better than fear in a classroom.

I hope when I can't do something-I try and work it out. So, it is more powerful because it helps me succeed.

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