2005 - 6th Grade 5th Place:

Joey Mathias, Pennsylvania

No Truth, No Beauty

What is more important, truth or beauty? Could we live in a world without truth? Without beauty? We need a world with both truth and beauty.

Everyone lies. Even nature lies to us. The kind snake has almost the exact same pattern as an extremely venomous snake. The king snake lies to save itself. We lie to relieve stress, or even avoid it. If the truth is more important would you not lie? Everyone I know lies. In the battle of Troy, the Greeks lied to the Trojans in order to win. How can truth be more important?

Beauty is an idea, it is not matter. Yet even blind people can see beauty. Beauty is something to hear, as well as see. What would inspire artists without beauty? Nothing. Nothing would exist. Everything is beautiful to someone. Beauty is a point of view. Everything is beautiful to some. A painting may be beautiful to someone, but without beauty the painting can't exist. If someone thinks that another person is beautiful, then that person could not exist. For the world to exist there must be beauty.

Without truth the world would go into chaos. Nobody would believe each other and wars would break out. Peace treaties would be ignored and bombs would be going off everywhere. If someone does not believe you when you say something nice then it is like saying something mean in the first place; but if you said something mean ten the person would believe you. How can beauty be more important?

Beauty is an opinion. Truth is fact. Beauty is different with every person. Beauty varies, truth doesn't. Lies vary. A lie is an opinion. Neither truth nor beauty is more important.

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