2004 — 2nd place — 5th grade

Kadee Boyce, Texas

I Wake Up One Day

I wake up one day
Thinking everything's okay.
And then they say,
"Hey, come over here, dear."
And so then I fear.
"Our Nation has a designation,
We are going to war."
All of a sudden, I feel some frustration
And quickly look for a destination.
I tried not to hide,
I already looked as if I'd cried.
Then it hit me.
War, inevitable
Peace, never!
All these things just ran through my head.
I ran, I ran to my own little bed.
I was crying and crying,
What about those people dying?
"It's just one of those things, honey," they said.
But then on my bed I felt funny.
"One of those things in life?"
"No!" I said standing in bed.
"No!" I said shaking my head.
"One of those things?"
And where did life come from?
Life, life, war is all strife.
No, no more.
It's all just gore.
And where peace was before,
Now is all war.

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