2005— International Winner

Katie Lovelock, Frankston, Australia


I believe beauty is more important in life than truth.

I believe beauty to be outer beauty and inner beauty. Inner beauty is found in a kind, good person, someone who is thoughtful and loving, and someone who tells the truth when possible. Outer beauty is something attractive to look at or listen to. It could be people, gardens, views, animals, nature, clothes, music, voices and singing.

I believe truth to be what is exactly right, which could be in written or spoken word, and honesty, which is to always tell the truth.

The truth is important but sometimes not, as people can tell white lies to try to not be hurtful to others.

I believe beauty is more important because if we didn't have beauty of any kind, everything would not just be ugly on the outside, but horrible and mean in the inside. Without beauty people wouldn't be thoughtful enough to tell the truth at all.

Beauty is more important because it involves more aspects of life, with inner and outer beauty, whereas the truth is only what is exactly right.

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