2005 - 8th Grade 3rd Place:

Kristie Neubauer, Florida

Which is more important in your life, truth or beauty?

Truth is the key to one's inner soul and the trait that leads to trust. Without truth, what would happen in our world? Would the human race get along without it, or would society crumble under lies and secrets.

Relationships are based on truth and honesty. Society, formed by groups, are also based on truth. The trust formed from truth is a gift of great power. It is impossible to lead when distrust exists. When members of society do not trust in the decisions and ideas of their leaders, governments for the people and by the people decays at every level. The vital decisions made in the areas of international trade and migration effect the global economy. These decisions are crucial as they effect how natural resources are used and distributed. If these decisions were based on lies instead of truths, economic systems would be imbalanced.

The need for truth is not only in geopolitics, but also in everyday existence. Truth is needed in the professions we chose. Whether one is a successful business entrepreneur or a minimum wage worker, each places their trust in the other in order to prosper from a mutually beneficial relationship with consumers. Without trustworthy businessmen and women consumer confidence would be negatively affected, hence, ruining economies.

View towards truth are first molded in the mind on a social level. Young children are taught the differences between right and wrong. By learning moral and ethical values, individuals carry these values with them to adulthood. Through man's efforts to understand himself, others, and the world in which he lives, is sometimes arduous, eventually, man hones his trust "instinct", thus, enabling him to find truth on all levels of being.

Truth is the underlying factor in becoming a successful contributing member of society. Truth leads to self-respect and mutual respect of others. Truth, for man, is the basis of his being, the foundation of his society, and his ultimate legacy to the world.

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