2006 — 5th Grade Honorable Mention

Nina Lemieux, Texas

Is like a tornado inside a box
And you are trapped inside.
You cant escape. It will pick you up.
You are helpless. Only hope can help.
The tornado will eventually drop you
Because it's scariness is no more.
But will always come back, different and rejuvenated.
Fear is indestructible, never to be gone.
Fear is very powerful, very powerful.

Is like a rainbow glittering in the sky,
Bravery, beauty, freshness combined.
Sometimes hope can die in hard situations,
Though when you really need it, it will be renewed.
Your hope can save you time and time again,
But it will not defeat fear. Without fear there is no hope.
Hope only works one fear at a time,
And even when hope is destroyed it will always live on.
Hope is power, just power.

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