2005 - 8th Grade 4th Place:

Monica Gomez, Illinois

The Beauty With In

She hardly speaks
No one know her name
Or who she is
She has glasses and some
Push her around because they hate her looks
But what they don't know is that this girl
Is the most beautiful as can be
She is unique in many beautiful ways
Very intelligent
Kind, lovely,
She's like an angel in an innocent school girl
At night she thinks
About how lonely she is
About how she wants to be someone else
And how she thinks about death
For all the memories of how the others treated her
Because they don't understand that
Beauty is invisible, something that no one can see
And is not seen on the outside of a person
Although she knows that
She still wonders why she can't be one of the others
Or why can't the others see her by the inside
Because she truly is beauty.

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