2004 — 4th place — 5th grade

Nathan Villalpando, Texas

In the Waking Moment

In the waking moment that war is upon us.
This is what I fear:

For when that really comes,
There is no more cheer.

All the energy and happiness have disappeared
And something has replaced it.

It's nothing good, or nothing great,
It's worse than that; it is hate.

Hatred comes like a swarm of bugs
And it's all just because

We cannot talk, only shout,
And that is why I ask

Can there be a time where peace is accomplished?
The idea is shrouded.

Shrouded in a mist that is stronger than anger
Then I realize that we are in danger.

Peace is not possible for the human race,
Because we fight without thinking.

Mindlessly charging, shouting and blinking,
Then a light shines down on us.

And here's the question it asks:

Is peace your destination or is war your devilish task?

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